Tales Of Art Gallery is pleased to present a new collective exhibition, titled Vultus, latin for faces, expression, appearance. The exhibition includes works by five Italian and international artists: Zësar Bahamonte, Joseph Bounds, Luca Grimaldi, Páraic Mc Gloughlin, Giacomo “Run” Bufarini

Although they differ in the pictorial style and in the artistic background, are grouped together, as the title of the exhibition suggests, by a topical and recurring figurative element in their works: the human face.

In the history of art, specifically the pictorial one, the portrait has always been the expression and representation of the human person, seen from the eyes and consequently interpreted by the artist who reproduces it. As Aristotle stated: “The aim of art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.”.

Looking at the paintings of the collective exhibition Vultus, it is possible to grasp the different themes addressed and the different sources of inspiration that lead the five artists to use the element of the “face” as the subject of their works: they range from the works of Luca Grimaldi, reinterpretation of everyday life and compulsive consumerism of images, to a colorful and joyful world, made of music and creativity, in which the characters of Zësar Bahamonte live; the works of Giacomo Bufarini, known as Run, originally and for years only painted in the streets, are the result of a passion for anthropology and the human figure; the works of Joseph Bounds are a study of the person and his reflected image, which is stylized and minimized in chromatic silhouettes that intertwine and mix together; finally, the works of Páraic Mc Gloughlin are an expression of his soul and personality, in the form of a portrait, used as as a tool of non-verbal communication with the observer.

The artists on show:

Zësar Bahamonte is a Spanish artist, originally from Seville. He formed himself as a street artist during a residency in Ecuador, alternating street production with studio work. His paintings and murals revolve around the world of music, one of his biggest passions, transmitting joy and serenity. He lives and works in Seville.

Joseph Bounds, is a young American artist, who studied and graduated in Art in Chicago. For years he focused his artistic production on portraiture, depicting different points of view in a single image, mixing elements of Cubist art, with Neoclassicism and Minimalism. He lives and works in North Carolina.

Luca Grimaldi, born in Rome, studied Art in Boston, moved several times in America, then completed his studies in The Netherlands and later moved to Berlin, where he now lives and works. He finds inspiration in the generic imagery that surround us in everyday life, both the “real” and the “virtual” ones, using painting as a tool to better understand what apparently seems meaningless, albeit strongly part of our collective imagination.

Páraic Mc Gloughlin, is an Irish artist, graduated in Fine Arts in Poland. Through portrait painting he wants to convey himself, trying to communicate to the observer his own experiences of life and influences, from movies, music and what surrounds him in everyday life. Besides painting, he also works in sculpture and video making. He lives and works in Sligo, Ireland.

giacomo Bufarini, known as Run, is an artist from Ancona, Italy. His artistic career began in the street, at the end of the 90s, painting trains and completing the first large-scale works on walls in the early 2000s. He developed an interest for street art as a communicative tool, creating playful and colorful characters to engage a dialogue on multiple levels with the viewer. He lives and works between London and Ancona.

VULTUS – 7th September – 13th October2019

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