Tales Of Art gallery is proud to officially open the Summer 2018 with a two man showcase featuring young artists from Spain and Romania – Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz and Ioan-Ștefan Botiș. With all new body of works created especially for this showcase, two young painters will be introducing visually lavish presentation titled Beautiful Disasters. Curated by Sasha Bogojev the show is created around the complementing aesthetics and contrasting subject matter used by the artists.

The oils by Jose Luis Ceña are characterized by the sunny atmosphere in which vibrant foliage is creating almost abstract patterns of lush natural beauty. Using complementing tones and patterns, the artist is almost hiding human characters within these plentiful settings, celebrating the harmonious symbiosis between people and nature. Applying traditional painting methods the artist creates a texture rich plasticity in which the concrete is left behind, and the open spaces and silhouettes are depicting the perception of romantic mystery. Stripping his images of any urban elements, Ceña’s vibrant oils are permanent windows into eternally green gardens that serve as getaway from everyday life disturbances.

On another hand, Botiș Ștefan is portraying the disasters and crashes, with a strong focus on fire as the ultimate destruction source. As one of the four elements, fire is an essential component of life and therefore directly connecting to Ceña lush imagery. The artist is intrigued about the duality of it, as well as its symbolism as the source of purity, rebirth, fresh start, but also the goodness of fire, its protective role, warming source, etc. In his work Botiș is often using negative space to accent the strength and rawness of this powerful element, also depicting human characters in symbiotic relationship with the fire. His images are filled with vibrant hues, often exaggerating the actual sight of the scenes portrayed and surprisingly framed around its most crucial detail. Regularly featuring cars and man made objects, Botiș’ oils are somewhat of contemporary or urban take on classic still lifes in the making.

Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz was born in Malaga in 1982 and is currently living and working in Madrid. He studied Fine Art at Complutense University, Madrid and Engraving and Graphic Design at the Royal Spanish Mint, Madrid. He is a Professor of Etching and Master of Media Graphics Printing at Castilla la Mancha University as well as recipient of many art prizes. Ceña’s work has been placed in important public and private collections, including MEAM, European Contemporary Art Museum.Barcelona, Wetland Museum of China, Rafael Botí Foundation, Complutense Foundation – Madrid, The National Library – Madrid and the Royal Mint Museum – Madrid.

Ioan-Ștefan Botiș was born in Cluj-Napoca in Romania in 1990 where he is currently living and working. He received Phd at the painting department of the Univesity of art and design Cluj-Napoca, world renowned institution attended by the likes of Mircea Suciu, Șerban Savu, Marius Bercea, Victor Man or Adrian Ghenie. His studio work has been shown in Romania and Germany and has been added to private collections through Europe.

The show will be open from 9th June 2018 to 22d July 2018

Show curated by: Sasha Bogojev
Technical partner: florist La Mimosa, Imola

For information: [email protected]